Frequently Asked Questions

I can see my lectures, but they are greyed out and I cannot click on them. Why?
All WebCME courses must be taken in chronological order. Courses are designed in a specific way to enhance learning outcomes. Each video must be watched in its entirety to unlock the next section. Sometimes videos are accompanied by a quiz or handout that must also be completed to advance to the next section.
Why can’t I view my courses/webinars?
This can occur for a couple of reasons. First, if you are accessing the site in a hospital or facility setting, you may be behind a strict firewall. This will have to be rectified through your IT department. If that’s not the case, you may be using an old browser that needs to be updated. Google chrome is the preferred browser for all WebCME activities.
Regarding Online Webinars: Is it possible to watch it after the event a time perhaps more suitable to me?
Yes! If you cannot attend a live event, all of our webinars are archived and made available for viewing at your convenience. Typically, the video is available within 48 hours of the live event date. When the video is available, WebCME sends out an eblast letting all registrants know.
We have recently purchased a course and wondering if the nurses in our practice will be able to view the course as well. There is a tab for Groups--would this be used to include staff in the course? Also, will only the doctor be able to claim the credits? Thank you.
We get this question a lot. The price per course is per person, meaning only the person registered will be able to claim credit for viewing. Although we have no control over “sharing” content and we understand that education is in high demand, we still recommend each participant has their own course. Also, because the system saves a viewer’s progress, it can get confused if multiple people are accessing the same content at different times and on different computers. We’ve created group accounts which make it easy to add members to your group, buy bulk courses (and received bulk discounts), and monitor your group.
Are the lectures available for download?
All of our content is streaming media. Please check the systems requirement page on our site to ensure your computer is compatible and up to date.
How long do I have to take the course?
Students have one year from the date of purchase to complete the activity. If the course is nearing expiration, students will be notified that they need to complete their activity. The videos will still be available in their account even if the course accreditation has expired.
How do I download my certificate?
Once an activity is completed in its entirety, a certificate is automatically generated and saved to your account. Students will be able to see the option to download/print certificates.
Why doesn’t my certificate specify how many credits I’ve earned?
There are two reasons this typically happens: 1. Credentials were not entered into the credential field in the user profile (ie. MD, NP) or 2. The activity is not accredited. If this is the case, it is clearly indicated in the course catalog.
Is WebCME’s Hyperbaric Introductory course recognized by CMS? Endorsed by a professional society?
Yes! HBO: P&P is a robust 40-hour introductory course that meets the guidelines set forth by CMS. CMS requires that clinicians take a 40 hour course that is backed by a professional society. The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (ACHM) endorses WebCME’s courses and has set basic training standards for thousands of clinicians. WebCME also offers a hybrid version where a faculty member will come on site and perform a full day of added instruction and a Q&A. Session. Participants can also opt for a virtual session (cost effective). More info on our hybrid course here.

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