Innovative Education and Communication

WebCME is a multi-faceted video production company and an online medical education platform specializing in customized CME, edutainment, web conferencing and customer-centric branding.

WebCME began producing educational videos for hyperbaric medicine and wound care in 2005. In 2008, WebCME launched the first online, 40 hour introductory course in hyperbaric medicine. This groundbreaking course brought hyperbaric education to the student in a convenient, virtual platform.

As a result of its initial success, WebCME began to add more online courses to its repertoire making medical education convenient, easy to access and very affordable. Today, online continued education has become an integral part of individual and facility wide training.

With the momentum of the digital era, we have come to expect instant information and answers. In that same regard, education should be just as accessible. WebCME will continue to bring you the newest advances in education and communication via an innovative virtual platform.

WebCME has become the chosen method for:

  • Live-Streaming Conferences
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Industry Demonstrations
  • Professional Society Chapter Meetings

Hyperbaric Education

Available Courses

40 Hour Introductory Hyperbaric Course: Hyperbaric Medicine: Principles & Practice

This course offers practicing physicians, mid-level practitioners, nurses and other allied health professionals a comprehensive overview of Hyperbaric Medicine, the diagnosis and management of the hyperbaric-medicine patient and hyperbaric facility operations.

Coming Soon

Hyperbaric Safety Course

This comprehensive 26-hour course is designed to provide the necessary tools and resources for a graduate to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a Hyperbaric Safety Director (as defined by NFPA 99 and described in the 2009 NBDHMT position paper).

Hyperbaric Review Course

This course is intended to provide the student with a comprehensive review of the important clinical and operational aspects of the practice of hyperbaric medicine.

Wound Care Education

Available Courses

Wound Care Review Course

This wound care certification preparatory course is designed for physicians, fellows, and mid-level practitioners, nurses, and other allied health professionals who are involved in the care of patients with acute and chronic wounds.

Wound Care Boot Camp

This course was created for physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals who are seeking education about the basic principles and fundamentals of wound care.

Practical Approach to Problem Wounds

This course is a series of lectures that present basic concepts in wound care and the concept of a team approach to the management of patients with complex and complicated chronic wounds.

Debridement Training: Principles and Practice

This course offers practicing physicians, mid-level practitioners, nurses and other allied health professionals a comprehensive course in the art and science of wound debridement. Students will be introduced to traditional methods as well as cutting edge sharp debridement technologies.

Coming Soon

Wound Care Research Course

This course is designed to provide participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of clinical wound care research. This training course will provide students with a basic understanding of what clinical research is and the scientific principles on which it is based.

Production & Live Streaming

Production Services

WebCME's production arm has also extended into commercial promotion, as we work with a host of high profile companies to promote technologies, increase visibility and strengthen brands. Our newly built, state-of-the-art green screen studio facilitates optimal video production, allowing enhanced educational programming and virtually any creative vision to be realized.

WebCME also creates stylized commercials, social media campaigns and training videos for forward thinking wound care companies. Our highly creative staff works directly with clients to create inventive, visually stunning, brand-complementing productions.

Live Streaming Services

WebCME would like to introduce you to an innovative way to think about connecting with your audience. Whether it's a simple business meeting, a global conference, a dinner presentation, or a product launch, WebCME offers cutting-edge solutions to meet your communication needs.

  • Easy to use
  • High definition
  • High quality production
  • Completely customizable
  • Marketing opportunities